PANs internationales Awareness Projekt #TheEyeofGuardian

PANs internationales Awareness Projekt #TheEyeofGuardian

PANs internationales Awareness Projekt

750 Millionen Menschen der Weltbevölkerung sind Analphabeten. Deshalb startet PAN ein internationales Awareness Projekt mit Kurzanimationsfilmen zum Thema Funktion der Organe und Krebsentstehung, sowie gesundheitsförderndes Verhalten.


The project “Guardian of Time supporting PAN” is the beginning of an international campaign that will be followed by many more similar awareness projects inspired by Manfred Kielnhofer’s sculpture “Guardian of Time”. The installation will have its beginning in Accra, Ghana and is held in cooperation with the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ghana have partnered up with PAN Austria, as well as the artist Manfred Kielnhofer, who came up with the original idea for the sculpture “Guardian of Time” and David Searle with hes Animated Patient – series of short informed animations. We are planning to build a tent that have the shape of Kinhofer’s guardian sculpture.

This campaign will be an awareness project combining consciousness raising activities within the community and information about several diseases with main point on cancer with art installations. After the initial installation in Ghana we aspire to install Guardian tents in many countries all over the world.

Guardian tent: The Eye of Guardian

The installation originates from the internationally known painter, sculptor and photographer Manfred Kielnhofer. His sculpture “Guardian of Time”, which has brought Kielnhofer’s art installations to a global audience, will constitute the basis of the tents we are planning to create. The following pictures show a sketch of the structure by Manfred Kielnhofer. In fact, the final installation will be much bigger.



Inside the tents
Information Films about Cancer

Inside the tents we will show information films about body funcions, phisiology and several kinds of diseases. There is enough space for about 10 to 20 people inside of each of the tents.

The main content of the films will be the Animated Patient™ series. This series consists of short animated films, explaining various diseases. These short films examine all aspects of the disease. For example, there is a segment about pancreatitis. The series starts at the basal understanding of the pancreas, then moves on to pancreatic cancer and the management of the disease and concludes with therapeutical methods, such as endoscopic procedures and pancreatic surgery. The topics of the movies vary, examining other organic systems and diseases. Besides the Animated Pancreas Patient, there is also the Animated Sarcoma Patient, the Animated Colonoscopy Patient, the Animated Diabetes or the Animated Depression Patient and many other deseases.

Furthermore, on the homepages of the Animated Patients one will find expert videos providing information about the various diseases. Given the opportunity, it would be possible to show these expert information films, too.

Animated Pancreas Patient Video example             Sarcoma Patient Video example
Animated Depression Patient Video example Expert Video example: “What is a colonoscopy?”

In addition we strive to cooperate with local artists and musicians, initiating a charity event inside and in the surrounding areas of the tents. In that manner we will organize charity concerts with local musicians offering opportunities to perform. We hope to bring people together while rising awareness and the consciousness of cancerous diseases especially for the group of adolescents and young adults (AYAs).


Manfred Kielnhofer

Guardians of Time by Manfred Kielnhofer Mystique contemporary art sculpture Guardians of Time by the Austrian Manfred Kielnhofer observing and pretending the world. “The Guardians of Time” relates to the idea that since the beginning of time mankind has had protectors, both for historic and mystical reasons. It seems that only man himself is a potential source of danger for his own existence. In his works of art Manfred Kielnhofer deals with the natural human desire for security. Thus his oeuvre reflects genuine exploration, consideration and discussion of current as well as historic moods and sensibilities of his social environment. His works of art captivate with elaborate combinations of light and different technique.

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