Manfred Baumann

Manfred Baumann Manfred Baumann Manfred Baumann
International Photographer

1968 born in vienna
1990 starts photography
1992 first national publication
1993 first nudes calendar BO
1993 exhibition „NUDE“ (Wr. Neustadt, Austria)
1994 international success
1995 photographs for 2 years in the United States and Canada (New York, Toronto)
1995 exhibition „NUDE“ (Toronto, Canada)
1998 returns to Vienna
1998 choreographs international catwalk shows; organizes a photo workshop in Turkey
1999 international advertising photography
2000 publications in various international magazines
2002 „Just naked“ published by Umschau (Germany)
2003 start of the world exhibition „NAKED“ in Vienna; then London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam
2003 starts of celebrities photography
2003 organizes photoworkshops in croatia
2004 production of my book „celebrities“
2004 exhibition „NAKED“ in New York
2004 exhibition „Celebrities“ ( Vienna, Salzburg, Munich )
2005 „Fine Art Nude“ Book published by „Verlag66“
2005 „CELEBRITIES, TRAVEL and NUDES“ exhibition goes on tour
2006 shooting with Sir Roger Moore and Bruce Willis
2006 Photographer in a Television season
2006 exhibition in Germany and the U.S
2007 moves to Los Angeles, photoshooting with Sylvester Stallone
2007 Exhibition „America“ in cooperation with Chrysler
2008 Books „Celebrities“ and „Travelbook“
2008 Exhibitions in Zurich, Berlin, Linz, Stuttgart, Munich